How can I use an existing email account on my site?

To maintain an existing email account elsewhere, you need to setup your domain so that DevHub hosts just the website portion of your domain. This is done via an A-Record. Instructions for how to host your site using A-Records can be found on Step #1 here:

Once your site is hosted via A-Records, you will then need to ensure that the MX Records (Mail records) are set on your domain. If you have an email account through your Domain Registrar (i.e. GoDaddy), then most likely these settings are already in place and your email should work.

If not, you will need to add to your domain the MX Records (and possibly an A-Record) provided by your email provider.

i.e. MX 10

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    Nivetha Padmanaban

    Can you please tell me where to add MX records for my domain? I do not find any such settings under "Site Settings". 



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    Yes, the same question, please........

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    Charlie Green

    The same question as the link above doesn't work!!

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    DevHub Support

    Hi Charlie, the link above has been updated

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    morin pride

    i tried loging my account but unfortunately it keeps giving error text:

    Oops! Something happened while loading your page. Please refresh your browser.

    If you are still seeing this, it's likely the DevHub servers are currently undergoing maintenance. We'll be back shortly!

    Follow our support team on twitter for the most current updates.

    In the meantime, grab some popcorn and check out this video just for fun. Once you've finished, come back to see if we're back up and running. ENJOY!

    If you continue to see this message after 2 hours, please contact us at

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    Carole Miller

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