How is DevHub different from WYSIWYG/CMS Solutions?

Some examples include: Yola, Weebly, SquareSpace and Wix.

Firstly, use of the DevHub platform and all its features are completely free. Companies in the past that have offered “free web publishing” are usually free for a period and then they start charging their users. For users that are trying to create useful, profitable sites for their endeavors, paying a monthly cost makes it that much harder.

Secondly, while DevHub does offer similar site editing and content management tools to current online solutions, the power of the DevHub platform is its PYTHON-based aggregation and distribution system, allowing us to hook in via APIs to a wide range of content and monetization partners. These integrations are then placed in modules in the editor for users to place on their site to enhance their content and revenue-generation capabilities. As an aggregated ecosystem of online publishers, we are often able to bring onboard exclusive partners or deals that would typically not be available to the individual publisher.

Current partner API integrations provide users access to exclusive affiliate offers, local directories, products, property listings, job listings, photos, videos, RSS feeds, and site search. We have a dedicated business development and API integration team constantly bringing on new partnerships and integrations for users of our platform.

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