How is DevHub different from Blogging Tools?

Some examples include: Wordpress, TypePad and Blogger.

Blogging tools were originally created to be an online diary for personal expression. Due to lack of alternative solutions at the time, many users started to bend these tools beyond their intended purpose in an attempt to create media-rich, commercially viable (e-commerce, affiliate marketing, etc.) websites.

Users of this system often require a certain degree of hosting and CSS/HTML know-how and end up incurring time and development costs to incorporate the right templates and plug-ins to put together a useful site. Constant upkeep and upgrades add additional complexity to managing these sites.

DevHub is designed from the ground up to be a website development platform with money making capabilities. All programming/heavy lifting is done in the background, so site creation is simple to use and requires no previous programming knowledge. This seems to be the biggest big barrier-to-entry for those looking to use the hack-a-blog method.

Last but not least, our guided-site editor and game elements allow the creation of sites to be fun, educational, so you should never get to a point where you ask yourself: What do I do next?

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