How do I host my sites with DevHub?

Sites are hosted on DevHub for free on a subdomain, which is just If you want your own land to build your site on, buy a domain.

The easiest way to have your domain on DevHub is to simply buy it within the system (we have our own registrar). No hassles – its all hooked in.

If you happen to purchase your domain elsewhere, please follow the steps below (you will be provided this information via email as well when you sign up).

Step 1: Go to your Domain Registrar’s Page

Go to the site where you bought your domain, log in, and go to the control panel where you can do stuff to your domain/s.

Step 2: Modify Nameservers

Within your domain registrar's interface, find the "DNS Management", "Nameserver Management", or similar area of their control panel. Here you will modify the Nameservers for your domain.

Change the Domain Nameservers for your domain to the following:

Step 3: Check if your site is live

Remember, it can take 24-48 hours for the nameserver values to update across Internet, but if the values were set correctly your domain should now resolve to your DevHub site.

Here is a good tutorial on how to point your nameservers on Godaddy. Other registrars should have a similar process: GoDaddy.

If you are having any trouble with your DNS not resolving, please send an email to

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