How Do I Get Paid?

Before initiating payments, we are required to have a W-9 if you reside in the U.S. or a W-8 if you reside anywhere outside the U.S. Once you fill out the form, simply fax it to 206.260.7142. Please also state in the top right hand corner margin of the W-9/W-8 whether you would like to be paid by PayPal or Check. If via PayPal, please provide account email and if via check, please provide the name of the check recipient (both must match information provided in W-9/W-8).

Once your account balance reaches $25.00 at the end of the month, your “Cash Out” button will appear in your dashboard, and just like a slot machine, hit that button and a check is on its way! If you do not hit the $25.00 threshold, your balance will simply carry on into the next month. This threshold helps to keep check creation costs here low, so that we can continue to provide DevHub for free.

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