Enabling Business Listing Management for a Customer

The guide below describes how the Business Listing Management (BLM) product can be enabled for a Business within the Dashboard.

This product is powered by the Business Details that are shared with any Site produced on the Site Builder, so some of the required fields will already be filled out.

1) Required Fields

Before enabling the product, you should ensure that all the required fields are filled out for the Business.

  • Business Name
  • Location Description
  • Location Contact Email
  • Location Street
  • Location City
  • Location State
  • Location Postal Code
  • Location Phone (see under "other requirements")
  • Website (see under "other requirements")

If you have additional data about the Business (i.e. hours of operation, etc), you should ensure this information is entered and accurate prior to enabling the BLM service.

2) Other requirements

  • Website - The BLM service requires a URL for the Business. If the customer has a website published on the Dashboard already, then you can select this URL when enabling the BLM service. Otherwise, if the customer does not have a Website on the Site Builder, then you must set the "Homepage URL" field for the Location

  • Phone Number - The phone number set on the Location must be a local phone number. No toll free numbers

  • Contact Person - A user must be assigned to the Location using the "Contact Person" field. This User must also have a Phone number set on their User. If you have already created a User for this Business, then ensure that that User has a phone set, and then set this User for the "Contact Person". Otherwise, you will need to create a new User prior to assigning the "Contact Person".

3) Enabling the BLM Service

To enable the BLM service, on the Location click "Actions > Manage Local Listings".

Note: If the Location already has Business Listing Management active, this form will be disabled.

From the form:

  • Package - Select the Package Level
  • Site - If the Business has a site on the Site Builder, select it from the Dropdown. If the Business has a site somewhere else, leave this field blank

Click "Save" to enable the service. If there are any validation errors related to the Business details, those errors will be shown to you.

Upon success, the Form window will close.


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