Using Custom Data Fields

Your instance of the Site Builder platform can be extended to add additional fields to store data about a particular site or customer. By default, we add a field that is used to store the Internal ID for the Order or Site. We call this `partner_site_id` but it can be labeled within the UI with the taxonomy that you use internally (i.e. "Site ID" or "Order ID").

Adding Tracking Variables

These Meta Data fields can also be used to set IDs on sites for other 3rd party analytics and event tracking services, and have those javascript/pixel codes be dynamically generated across all sites in your instance so that it does not have to be done manualy each time.

An example field could be `tracking_id`, which could then be used as follows within the global HTML footer in your instance:

<script type="text/javascript"
src="{{ site.tracking_id }}.js">

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