Enabling End-User Access to a Customer

The guide below describes how you can grant access to a Business and that Business' Sites to the customer. This level of access provides a limited access that only allows them to view and edit their Business Details and Sites.

1) Creating the User Account login

The first step in enabling end-user access to to create a User account and password for the customer. This can be done under "Users" by clicking the "Add" button.

You will then enter the Name, Email Address, and Password for the user's account. You will also need to select the "Users" Group from the group dropdown.

2) Granting the User Access

You will then need to browse/search for the Business Detail for the customer's Business.

Once there, click the "User Access" button.

You will then be presented with a search form where you should type the Email Address, First Name, or Last Name. After the search, select the correct User account and click "Save"


That should be it. Now the user should be able to login to the Dashboard and access their Business/Site. For more details on what the User is granted access to, click here.

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