What features can I restrict for User Groups

Below are the current options that can be restricted or left enabled within the Site Builder on a per User Group basis.


  • Restrict access to only specific modules/widgets on the module tray (right side)
  • Restrict the ability to move/drag modules around the page or change column widths


  • Restrict adding new or deleting existing pages
  • Ability to lock-down certain pages within a site so they are only editable by administrator/production logins but not by the end-user
  • Restrict re-ordering of the navigation links
  • Access to managing the blog (i.e. add/edit/delete blog posts)

Site Options

  • Access to advanced features (meta data, header/footer code, SEO fields)
  • Ability to update the domain name/url that the site is published on
  • Ability to update style options for the site (colors, fonts, etc)
  • Restrict the end-user to a limited set of design/style options to make editing easier
  • Ability to change/switch to different themes
  • Granular control of which Business Detail fields (address, hours of operation, etc) the user can see and interact with
  • Restricted access to hide any of the menus under the "Site Settings"
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