Private Label Setup Questionaire

Below is the basic setup Questionnaire to get started.
  • Domain Name: To be used for website builder and preview URLs. (e.g.

  • Logo: If you could send a logo image for the branding component of the builder. A transparent PNG file would be the most optimal.

  • Website Builder URL: The URL to manage websites. Please note: This is a custom subdomain of your choosing. We recommend (builder. or dashboard.) as the subdomain. (e.g.

  • Admin email account: Email account that the primary admin will use to log into the Site Builder (i.e.

  • SMTP Server (optional): An SMTP email account (something like is needed to send system emails. Please provide all the SMTP server settings required (email, password, hostname, ports, etc)
After we get this, the next step will be a couple DNS records being set on your side to point the main builder and subdomain URLs
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